Bonded (cast) Carrara marble items are made by mixing crushed Carrara (the famous marble in Italy) with a bonding agent (white cement) and pouring it into a mold.

The finishing of each item is made by hand with extreme care. The final appearance is a natural aging that shows the beautiful decorations and detail of each model. There are eight different nuances available, natural white, antique white, natural white + shiny, antique white + shiny, terra-cotta (red tone), tufo (brown tone), black and Old London.

Due to the excellent quality of raw materials used in Italy to produce these products, combined with many years of expertise and workmanship, they can be displayed outside in any climate and bad weather all year round. Our supplier has state-of-the-art digital equipment to ensure the correct consistency and strength is met, allowing the product to survive in ice conditions.


Clear Coat Treatment
Due to strong UV rays from the sun and our harsh Canadian winters, today, our supplier applies a water repellent treatment to the ornament. This will slow the aging process. This treatment waterproofs the surface, giving it more resistance against the atmospheric agents, especially ice.  

As I have educated our cutomers in the past, if your ornament does not have this factory treatment (shiny appearance), I highly recommend going to your local hardware store to purchase a clear coat outside water treatment. Follow the instruction on the can. Be sure to wipe down and clean the ornament before application. 

Many of our customers prefer a more natural aging appearance. If so, then do not apply a clear coat. The ornament will age naturally over time.


Before the onset of freezing the Fountain drain plug must be removed and all water drained from the basin.  Also, ensure all water is drained from the copper ring, pipes, all bowls and tubing.  Failure to so prior to freezing weather, may cause severe damage to the fountain and the above parts. To be SAFE bring your pump inside over the winter.

Should be emptied of all plant material, soil, and water, prior to winter freeze.

Ensure the drain hole in your vase is cleared of any debris so water can flow through freely. This way you will not get any ice build up inside. The natural expansion of ice, could cause a vase to break.

Lastly, wherever the vase is placed throughout the winter, on the ground, deck etc., make sure the water can flow freely away from under the vase.  If necessary, lift it up just enough so the water will flow away.

Following these simple procedures, your bonded Carrara marble ornament will provide you with great enjoyment and lasting beauty, everyday of the year, for many years to come.