How many people can your venue
Our venue is very large. We can accommodate events, large or small.

When can I view the venue?
Anytime. Please call or email us to set up an appointment.
Email:  OR  tel: 519-674-3897

What type of fee do your charge?
We charge a flat one time fee to rent the property. There are no hidden costs. That's it!

How do I secure the venue?
We require a 25% deposit of the total rental fee when you book the venue.

Is there a minimum number of people required for booking the venue?  No.

Do you host more than one wedding event at a time? 
No. When you rent the property the entire venue is exclusively yours for the day.

Where on the property are wedding ceremonies held?
You are free to hold the ceremony anywhere on the property.  Some brides choose to hold the ceremony in the park/pond area, while others focus on the 6 column Italian gazebo facing the rose garden. The choice is yours!

Can our guests throw confetti or rice following the ceremony?
No. We kindly ask that you refrain from throwing either. Both are very, very difficult to clean up. An alternative which has been highly effective is to purchase a solution which sends bubbles into the air.

Can I have a rehearsal prior to my wedding day?
Yes, of course. You can have a rehearsal anytime within the final week, prior to the wedding.

Do you allow smoking on the property?
Smoking is prohibited in the park/pond area. During the reception (different location) there are a couple designated smoking areas set up on the property.

Can I do any outside decorating?
Yes. We have no problem with decorating as long as there is no damage to any of our ornaments or structures (ie. no glue or tape which is apt to remove the finish on the ornaments and please no nails or tacks which will put holes in the structures.

Do you have parking for our guests?
Yes. We have two laneways which can be reserved for the caterer, bus parking, or for any person(s) you choose. We are located in the country. All other vehicles park on either side of the road.

Do you have washrooms?
No. As a DIY bride you will be required to arrange for port-a-johns to be delivered the day prior to your wedding.

Do you supply any of the following a tent, caterer, officiant, photographer, tables, chairs, linens etc.?
No. The advantage of being a DIY bride is the freedom to plan and arrange a wedding best suited to your budget. Once you know the date, secure the above services immediately. They often book a year or more in advance.

Do you recommend any local wedding businesses within your area?
Yes. I have a list of reputable businesses I supply upon request.  

What time does the venue close?
We do not have a set time, yet most parties tend to wind down by 2.00am at the latest.