Memories Reloaded

Removing the corn crib.

Since early childhood I have always been intrigued with taking photographs. Today I have a library of photo albums, all are well organized, labelled, each with their own story to tell.

The other day while searching for a photo to post on Throwback Thursday my attention was diverted to one particular album titled ‘Our Pond’. It has been years since I last viewed the album. So many wonderful memories and exciting moments came flooding back.

The album begins with the removal of an old corn crib and the cement foundation it rested on for so many years. Further along the photos depicted our excavator tearing out old trees, sumac, thorn bushes, brush and whatever else happened to get in his way. This may sound simple but believe me it took an extremely experienced excavator to get the job done.

Page after page the process continued. As the memories floated back I could see myself sitting on the hill watching the machines move enormous piles of earth. The dirt was loaded in dump trucks and unloaded outside the pond area. Hour after hour, day after day, the activity continued. The two machines looked like dinky toys working from the basin floor of the pond. I had forgotten how mammoth this particular project was. Oh the memories!

Over the years Carolinian trees and various Spruce trees have been planted and gardens developed. The pond is nestled within a park like setting and has become an ideal backdrop for weddings, wedding photos and events. Life has a way of leading us in directions for the greater good. Sometimes it takes years to truly understand the reasons for it all. Everyone has a story to tell. Whether the story is written, verbalized or told through photo albums, the story is your own and it’s worth telling. How wonderful that is!

The pond today.
A safe haven for our Canada geese.
A little piece of heaven.