Memories Reloaded

Removing the corn crib.

Since early childhood I have always been intrigued with taking photographs. Today I have a library of photo albums, all are well organized, labelled, each with their own story to tell.

The other day while searching for a photo to post on Throwback Thursday my attention was diverted to one particular album titled ‘Our Pond’. It has been years since I last viewed the album. So many wonderful memories and exciting moments came flooding back.

The album begins with the removal of an old corn crib and the cement foundation it rested on for so many years. Further along the photos depicted our excavator tearing out old trees, sumac, thorn bushes, brush and whatever else happened to get in his way. This may sound simple but believe me it took an extremely experienced excavator to get the job done.

Page after page the process continued. As the memories floated back I could see myself sitting on the hill watching the machines move enormous piles of earth. The dirt was loaded in dump trucks and unloaded outside the pond area. Hour after hour, day after day, the activity continued. The two machines looked like dinky toys working from the basin floor of the pond. I had forgotten how mammoth this particular project was. Oh the memories!

Over the years Carolinian trees and various Spruce trees have been planted and gardens developed. The pond is nestled within a park like setting and has become an ideal backdrop for weddings, wedding photos and events. Life has a way of leading us in directions for the greater good. Sometimes it takes years to truly understand the reasons for it all. Everyone has a story to tell. Whether the story is written, verbalized or told through photo albums, the story is your own and it’s worth telling. How wonderful that is!

The pond today.
A safe haven for our Canada geese.
A little piece of heaven.

Why Choose a DIY Outdoor Wedding Venue

All your life you have dreamed of having the perfect wedding. Following your recent engagement there is certainly plenty to think about. Choosing your bridesmaids, a caterer, photographer, D.J., and most importantly the wedding venue, are tough decisions which need your attention once the wedding date is set.

Today, many couples are bypassing the traditional indoor wedding ceremony. They are looking for more flexibility in the planning process. Having a wedding outdoors allows endless opportunities for the couple to exercise their creative ability. The freedom to incorporate their personality and to make the wedding their own is a top priority.

Why Choose a DIY Outdoor Wedding Venue
Private DIY Wedding Venues
  It goes without saying they are intimate, personal, and romantic.
–  You have the freedom and flexibility to plan YOUR wedding
YOUR way.
–  There are no preferred wedding vendor lists to choose from.
The choice is yours.
–  The atmosphere and dress code are more relaxed, encouraging guests to have more fun.
–  When the sun sets and the lanterns are lit, something magical happens.

Natural Landscapes
  Nothing is prettier than a natural, picturesque setting with fresh air, a relaxing pond, chirping birds, or the serene sound of flowing water from a fountain.
–  Spring, summer, and fall provide beautiful gardens.
–  Blossoms in the spring cast an array of beauty and a lovely scent from the trees and shrubs.
–  The natural landscape provides more background options for the photographer which cannot be re-created indoors.

–  The natural landscape saves you time and money. The decor is already provided through the beauty of the grounds.
–  Arbors, pergolas, a gazebo, and beautiful gardens set a romantic stage. All you may need are a few creative touches for the ceremony platform.

  Outdoor venues, without question, are more spacious compared to an indoor setting.
–  Your guests will enjoy more room to socialize and the freedom to walk around beautiful gardens. Everyone enjoys spending time outdoors surrounded by the beauty of nature.
–  Seating space for an outdoor ceremony is not an issue. 
–  Most outdoor venues have enough space for a reception tent.
–  There is plenty of space for outdoor lawn games to entertain your guests.

Need We Say More?
At Phoenix, we might be a bit biased due to the fact our unique countryside wedding venue is surrounded by beautiful vistas and gardens. Regardless, we are certain if you choose to host your wedding at Phoenix we will meet and exceed your expectations.

Phoenix Wedding Venue

Any bride-to-be looking for a unique outside wedding venue will want to check out Phoenix Accessories in Ridgetown, Ontario. This very private and exclusive outdoor wedding venue is nestled within 50 acres of beautiful farmland. The grounds showcase natural landscapes, a large pond, gazebos, fountains and beautiful gardens, all with statuary imported from Italy. This outdoor venue oozes with old-world charm.

Without question, the Phoenix wedding venue is ideal for the modern do-it-yourself bride. The idea is to give brides the flexibility they are looking for while planning their wedding. There are no minimums or hidden charges. A one-time fee to rent the property is all that is required. The bride and groom are free to plan and hire wedding services of their choice, and according to their budget. Every couple receives a list of reputable wedding business services via email. This useful reference will surely make planning a wedding quicker and easier.

Once the couple have signed on with Phoenix, they are welcome to visit the property anytime prior to the wedding. Sometimes, bringing along a bridesmaid, relative or friend may lend another perspective or idea to help set up the actual ceremony or reception. Also, consider asking the photographer to drop by. Regardless of the task, viewing the venue a few times beforehand can be very advantageous in the planning process.

The staff at Phoenix are very meticulous. The landscapers consistently trim, edge and prune the gardens throughout the season. Beautiful roses continue to bloom until the first heavy frost in late October. The best months for an outdoor wedding are June, July, August and September. The gardens remain beautiful and the temperature warm.

If you are searching for a beautiful outdoor venue for your wedding ceremony, reception or photo shoot, consider this hidden jewel. Phoenix would be pleased to set up an appointment and show you around their wedding venue.