• How many people can your venue accommodate?  We can accommodate events large or small. The venue is very generously sized.
  • When can I view the venue?  Please email or fill out the form on the Contact Us page to schedule an appointment. Telephone: 519-674-3897  /  Email: 
  • What type of fee do you charge?  We charge a one-time fee to rent the property. There are no hidden costs. That's it!
  • How do I secure the venue?  A small deposit is required when you book the venue.
  • Is there a minimum  number of people required in order to book the venue?   No.  
  • Do you host more than one wedding or event at a time?  No. When you rent our venue, it is exclusively yours for the entire day. 
  • Where on the property are ceremonies held?  In the formal garden or in the park. The choice is yours!
  • Can our guests throw confetti or rice following the ceremony?  No. We kindly ask that you refrain from throwing either, as both are very, very difficult to clean up.
    An alternative that has been highly effective is a solution that blows bubbles into the air.
  • Do you allow smoking on the property?  Smoking in the park is prohibited, and smoking is also prohibited for ceremonies. For receptions, a designated area will be set up.  
  • Can I do any outside decorating?  Yes. We have no problem with decorating, providing it does not damage our ornaments or structures. (No glue or tape may be used, which are apt to remove the finish from the ornaments. Also, refrain from using nails or tacks, which leaves holes in the garden ornaments and structures. 
  • Do you have washrooms?  No. As a D.I.Y. client, you are required to arrange for a port-a-john(s) to be delivered the day prior to the wedding.
  • Do you supply a tent, caterer, officiant, photographer, tables, chairs, linens, etc.?  No. We rent the property to you and allow you to plan the event according to your budget. 
  • Is there a time limit?  No. For ceremonies, stay as long as your time permits. For receptions, we find that most parties wind down by 1:00 - 2:00 a.m. or earlier.